Yogi Thoughts

“It’s a balance between stability and mobility”, she said, as I laid on my yoga mat rolling lacrosse balls under my tight hips and inner thighs.  Yoga has become an almost daily ritual in my life and I have seen some amazing growth from my practice…mind, body and spirit as they say. A yoga practice gave me the patience to let myself just be, and in doing that, the real me...calm, purpose driven, and free, showed up right on time. Almost every class, simple and profound statements roll over me, while I lay there on my mat, that clear my mind of clutter and let me sit with just a thought or two for an entire hour. That's a pretty impressive feat for someone who up until recently was losing the battle to the 2am demons. 

I took up my yoga practice because as a mom of four active kids trying to give my body a break from my usual swim/volleyball routine, I still craved the sweat and endorphins that I have always had such a sweet addiction to. What I didn't know was that it could teach me to love my journey, give me the patience to let my story play out, and not get too attached to any outcome. These benefits have been so stabilizing while I learn to define and get comfortable with a new normal.  With each new day, I am fine. That doesn’t mean I’m happy all the time, there are plenty of tears, happy doesn't exist without sad and loss is a part of life.  

This brings me back to the stability and mobility quote that struck me. The cool thing about yogi wisdom I have noticed, is that what applies to the physical body, also often applies to the spirit. For some, stability can be so boring, and so that person goes looking for mobility to reach new heights and experiences to keep life interesting.  For others, like me, stability is the greatest peace…routine, advanced planning, knowing what to expect, ahh, heaven.  And yet, this stability inclination of mine can keep my life in a very tight little circle and make me afraid to step up and out to create that growth finding mobility that leads to a more impactful and meaningful life experience.  The story of my life has yet to play out, and, as the author of that story, I have to have the courage to act on my plan. Those who really know me would vouch for my stability, some might even call it boring. I have realized though, that I can leverage that stability to find sustainable mobility, even flow, which is the most amazing feeling.  My challenge to myself: do not be too afraid to act, do not run too fast and burn out, and use my stability for mobilization and enjoy the growth that will inevitably come from that.  Thanks Soho Yoga for freeing my heart and mind time after time.  Teacher training...yep, it's in my near future for sure.