My journey to fitness and health has become increasingly
important to me over the years. So many of my closest
friendships have grown from being teammates, be it high school,
college, Masters Swimming, beach volleyball, or yoga teacher
training. As I age, I understand and seek the mind/body/spirit
connection deeper everyday. It has lead me to train to
become a Yoga teacher, and seek generational knowledge from
coaches and athletes who can teach me things that my mind can
absorb, even if my body doesn’t perform on that level. Keeping
my body going as I age and yet still want to continue my lifestyle
takes a few gurus and hours a week of my time but the way I see
things, I would rather spend time with these guru types than in the
shoe department spending a few dollars. Whether it’s yoga,
swimming, volleyball or the creative things in between, a healthy
body leads to a healthy mind…and lets be honest, is there
anything better than those endorphins?

Let this be a space where we share tips, what works, what
doesn’t. Soft tissue work, yoga, cryotherapy, I’ve been known to
try some inventive stuff in the name of health and I’m always
looking to grow, learn even hack my way to better health.