Our mindset is our base and creates our lens on life and the world.  For me, the evolution of my mindset began when I realized that my voice, as it pertained to my identity and freedom, needed to be louder than the voices of those around me telling me who I was.  The problem wasn’t that they told me. Whether we like it or not, others will always weigh in with their judgment. The problem was that I believed them. If I didn’t want to be timid or quiet or a people pleaser, then I had to figure out how to be something different.  It was on me, not them. 

Deep down, I have always known I have a message, I just didn’t have confidence in my voice.  I would reach the edges of places where I felt like I belonged, but then feel undeserving of being there and then pull back.  It takes a lot of work to look inward and realize what is holding you back from your best life. But in doing that work and getting my Life Coaching certification through the Catalyst Coaching Intensive, I have improved my confidence and courage and have love and respect for myself that I didn’t have before. In doing that work, I published 365 Days of Optimism, a book of my quotes that helped me get my mindset to a place where I could move forward with conviction. The bite sized wisdom found in quotes was a great starting point for me to move my thought process forward. Sometimes our mindsets are tough to move on our own, I have certainly had some help from trusted ears who helped me sort out my thoughts. If there is distance between the place where you are today and where you want to be, let’s see if we can figure out what’s standing in your way.  Click here for more on my Life Design Coaching. Transformation is a matter of taking the next right step. 

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