Why was Wendy Jones Life Design Coaching created?

Timid, shy, quiet… these were words that have been used my whole life to describe me. Now I understand that I am also a connector and coach who can use the story of my own life to help other people move, and eventually flow, through difficult circumstances to a freer existence.

Why I believe in my coaching:

  • I understand firsthand the feeling of life looking one way and desperately wanting it to feel like something else.

  • I know what starting over, seeking, redesigning and transforming feels like from my own life experience.

  • I understand how mind, body and spirit fit together to reach our highest potential and strive everyday to improve and integrate each of these areas in my own life. I have maintained a healthy, active lifestyle through 4 pregnancies, seven moves, 18 years of parenting and a divorce.

  • As a sibling, significant other, mom, and friend, I’ve spent the better part of my life listening and understand how to reframe circumstances and motivate others to help them achieve their goals.

  • I see life as a continually transforming experience that uses the best times and the challenges to keep moving us forward…we never arrive, and always have the ability to keep getting better.

By establishing healthy life design, we build confidence and live our lives freely, finding both gratitude and resiliency in all of our encounters and experiences. When we do this, we discover a tribe that supports us as we strive to reach our goals and highest potential. Through this process, we create deep meaning in our lives by establishing life long relationships and set examples for the people around us that can even help break cycles of generational pain where it exists. Our desire to be better and do better has a ripple effect that reaches far and wide.

- Wendy Jones



Wendy’s Areas of Specialization

  • Health & Wellness - exercise and diet as a foundation for a healthy life, ways to easily incorporate fitness into your busy day, identifying the blocks keeping you from attaining your health and fitness goals

  • New Moms - sleep training, creating time for yourself in the overwhelm of bringing an infant home, trusting your instincts, creating a healthy life balance with a new addition

  • Parents of Young Children - relationship prioritization, facing tantrums, delaying gratification as a means of long term success, raising siblings who respect each other and get along, managing technology

  • Young Athletes - discovering why you play, improving confidence and toughness, being a coachable and supportive member of a team

  • Parents of Athletes - navigating the rec sports and club sports world, methods of motivating your child, setting realistic expectations and communicating them with your child

  • Fighting for Your Relationship - Setting healthy boundaries, identifying the underlying source(s) of conflict, understanding if you have two partners willing to work on improving the relationship

  • Divorce - Finding healthy coping skills to come through a difficult situation with strength and healing, forgiveness of others and ourselves, confidence, finding support for family, social, and financial issues that surround divorce.

  • Values & Vision - We can reach our highest potential when our values and vision align. When they are out of sync, it leaves us feeling stuck and makes it difficult to set and achieve goals. This is a process that I have gone through on my own to find clarity of my goals, discover my strengths, and to understand how to find success by bringing my values and vision together. It’s been a rewarding process that I would be honored to help others discover.

My Philosophy

I believe that if we have the courage to tell our stories, we find connection and the strength to be the best version of ourselves. We stop hiding behind patterns that leave us less than fulfilled, and even cause pain for the people we love. I have developed my philosophy over the years as I have wrestled with my youngest child’s autism spectrum diagnoses, the ups and downs of parenting four kids, and, most painfully, a divorce that, when it happened, filled me with shame. I found a way through using honesty, self reflection, and optimism that buoyed my spirit and made me believe that the real picture is the one the needs to shine through to live our best life.

When we find the confidence to bring our vision and values together, we experience alignment with our truest self, and nothing is more satisfying. The Optimists Journal is my platform, born out of my own quest for self improvement, to tell stories that will create connection and promote generational learning. I am a huge believer in staying present and breaking down what seems overwhelming into small, workable pieces to help create the life you want to live. Through deep listening and a desire to see others rise, My Life Design Coaching dives deep and fosters a partnership that is meant create progress in a life one decision at a time. This one life is yours, make the most of it.

- Wendy Jones


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